After the Grin period, where I spent most of my effort and energy thinking about it for about 4 years, I would like to write a farewell message back. Although I have given so much for this community, I m sad not getting anything from it. Maybe dozens of minds have discovered this thanks to my contributions but that doesn’t really matter anymore.

I never thought of leaving it and I wanted to do one last job and create the Ascendio effect and present the Grin book to the community. My offer was simple. I offered €20k for 9–15 months of full-time work. I said that I want to receive 25% as a upfront payment and when i finish the book if it deserve, i can get rest of payment. Also, i said that they can present this idea to the community and if there is a high vote, I can get the rest of payment. Lastly, i said that if i don’t do the job well or if can’t get vote i don’t want to take rest of the payment.

In return for all this, I was going to make sure that every individual who reads the book somehow falls under the Grin spell because I thought we have a spell which we just didn’t articulate it enough till now.

Despite these offers, Grin CC said that if the voting is accepted they can support this book with a total payment of 3000€ and 10%-20% upfront that is 300–600€ upfront payment. I can’t explain that how is a disappointment by a community member like me to hear this.

However, I respect every opinion and I am not angry because I cannot manage something that is not mine. Just, I’m offended to see what they’ve done to me while I’ve done so much for this community. Therefore, I want to say goodbye to you all. Although I spent 4 years on this, all this was my choice and I was always happy with it.

From now on I prefer to remain invisible like Ignotus. I wish all you guys everything in your life to be as you wish.(although sometimes it doesn’t happen to me)

Minexpert — Cihat M. Ozturk



Cihat Öztürk

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