British ICO’s Electroneum Collects 40 Million Dollars Giving Crypto Coins with Free Mining

Cihat Öztürk
4 min readJan 15, 2020

Electroneum is a British based crypto currency project that reached $40 million ico sales in 2017. One of the main reasons for this high value was to be a crypto currency that allows instant payment by leaving the value store feature like standard crypto currencies. For this reason, this project, which made a significant impact in the period it started, began to lose its power like the others during the bear period. In this period, however, it made a change in strategy and switched to a different monetary policy that would distinguish it from other crypto currencies.

Free Mobile Phone Mining

Electroneum did something different and added a free-earning mobile phone mining to its monetary policy. The most important reason for this policy is, since most people have smartphones, the use of the Electroneum would have the potential to reach a very large number. And as they thought, Electroneum managed to attract an average of about 2 million people to mining. Approximately, 220,000 of these were permanently Electroneum miners.


Electroneum distributes Electroneum coins free of charge to everyone who installs the app on their mobile phones at an average of 500 etn coin per month. The reason for it being free is that this application, which is known as mining, does not actually allow mining on the phone. Because the mobile phone operating systems (iOS and Android) do not allow any applications that can be used in vain the phone core. Especially if this is a mining practice, it is not allowed in any way. As such, Electroneum distributes Electroneum coins worth 500 etn coin each month under the name of mining but without mining.

How To Do Free Mining

For free mining; first you should download the “Electroneum” application to your phone from iOS and Android platform.

1. iOS

2. Android

After downloading the application it will ask you to verify. Once you have completed the verification, you will instantly get 25 Electroneum coins and your mining will begin. After mining starts, it continues automatically for one week. At the end of one week, you should visit the application and restart mining using the “EXTEND” button. This is because Electroneum wants you to visit the application once a week so that you don’t forget about it. In addition, if you click ’Generate more ETN’ on the app and after that if you click ‘View the referral program’ enter our reference code via the “Enter a code” tab, you will earn bonus Electroneum coins and increase your mining speed.


Where Can Electroneums Be Used?

You earn Electroneum for free, but you may have questions about where to use them. Of course, you can convert them into nominal money by selling them on the stock market, but before that the Electroneum has a different solution. Electroneum works with a 3rd party company that has agreements with operators in some countries. In this way, with the Electroneum accumulating on the phone, you can buy phone packages from the intermediary company and mobile operators and you can do all this in a very simple way through the Electroneum application. You can do this on “Top Up” tab.


Electroneum is a different means of meeting with many people, to increase the popularity of the value of the crypto money store and paving a way for its use as a real money. If this can further expand their use in the future, Electroneum could reach better places.





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