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Ignotus Peverell undoubtedly leaving with many unknowns behind, gifting Grin to his community left the project. In my past posts I have tried to show that Ignotus may have tried to give a message about some things with certain dates. While these weren’t definitive things, they were still worth hearing. Recently, I’ve noticed something new about dates. While this may happen in the present, if Ignotus deliberately arranged for it, you might conclude that he designed it with the future in mind.

Let’s first recall the historical connections I have shown in the past;

Intersection of 19

Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, opened his Bitcointalk account on November 19, 2009.

Tom Elvis Jedusor, the inventor of Mimblewimble, wrote the Mimblewimble article on July 19, 2016.

Ignotus Peverell, the inventor of Grin, opened his Github account on October 19, 2016.

Intersection of August 2

Tom Elvis Jedusor disappeared after posting his last message on August 2.

Ignotus Peverell disappeared after posting his last message on the forum on August 2nd.

9–15 January

9–15 January

The publication range of the article, in which The Economist predicts a common currency in the future, is January 9–15. The Bitcoin network started to work on January 9, 2009. The Grin network started to work on January 15, 2019.

New Intersection: 1666

Igno launched Grin’s mainnet just 6 days apart in the same month as Bitcoin. At the same time, he logged Grin forum for the last time 6 days after his last post, but disappeared without writing anything.

Although he did not write anything, it is curious why he entered the forum 6 days later. So, I focused on the conclusion that the date of August 8 could represent something. I started incrementing the years between the mainnet date and August 8, and found that on August 8, 2023, there was exactly 1666 days difference between the mainnet and that date.

The appearance of such an important number, I began to think that the date August 8, 2023 might represent something important to Grin.

While I was thinking about this, on semi-decentralization Tradeogre exchange on August 08, 2023, Grin got 100% pump. When I checked the time, this ascent occurred at exactly 04.00 pm — 16.00, in UTC 0 time zone.

This time is sensitive. It’s not 15.59, or 16.01, it’s exactly 16.00. Also, Grin’s Genesis block was also created very close to 16:00.

Average 1 minute difference can be hash calculation time because Grin block time is avarage 1 minute. The time may be connected here and this slightly strengthens the possibility of a designed time frame.

As the author, I don’t find it very ethical to say what I think about this date. So, I just wanted to show you a new intersection of dates and maybe the last time Igno wanted to send a message to his community.

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